Help Keep America Clean!

Sleek… Compact… Easy to clean.

The AutoBin looks good while keeping your vehicle looking great! Just slide it onto the pocket behind the front seats. Small enough to maintain ample legroom, yet large enough to contain wrappers and empty water bottles 'til your next fuel stop. Slide it off to empty, slide it back on and you're ready to go! And, the AutoBin cleans easily with just a garden hose. 

The Auto Bin is a container for vehicles that can be used for any number of things:

  • trash
  • fleet receipts
  • ledgers
  • small computers and iPads
  • documents and more

It is an all-in-one unit that fits on the back pocket of the seat (without eliminating the use of the pocket itself). The Auto Bin is textured like the dashboard of the car; it is durable, washable, and can transfer from one vehicle to another. Our product is “made in America” – produced and package.

Say good-bye to trash, and hello to a clean car!